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Come and watch the world cup with us

We're not normally a football pub, so let's get the ground rules sorted. The best kind of fun is organised well-regulated fun.

We will show every* game of the 2018 World Cup on at least 1 screen.  We'll use both screens for popular games, end of group double fixtures, and whenever else we feel like it.

We'll turn the sound on for any game if someone asks.  If only a few people want sound then it'll only be on the sofa side of the pub.

We'll have the proper noisy sound on for all the big/popular games. 

We'll only turn the sound on when the singing starts, not for all the inane pre-match chat.

We'll stick music back on very soon after the full-time whistle blows. Want post-match analysis from a bunch of boring ex-footballers? Have a look at Twitter.

We'll have the same zero-tolerance policy towards agression and racism as we always do here.   Anyone who can't enjoy a simple game of football without being a dick should watch it elsewhere. 

Unclaimed pre-booked tables will be up for grabs the minute a match kicks off. If you book for a 7pm match, be here by 7pm.   If the pub is rammed we won't have the time to defend your table.

If everyone orders food at the same time then the food will be slower coming out. Obviously. Our kitchen teams are awesome, but they aren't magicians.


* - we won't show the first half of France v Australia as it kicks off too early. 

We probably won't show Tunisia v Panama either, as pretty much everyone will want to watch England v Belgium at the same time.