The Old Nun's Head
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WE'RE having a laugh....

We like a good laugh here, and we've got an awesome cabaret space upstairs, so we like to put on shows that are funny. And silly.

Piñata have been amusing and confusing crowds in South London for a while now and they've chosen The Old Nun's Head as their new home. They'll be putting on a monthly show of their unique brand of DIY comedy.

We'll also be hosting the occasional C.L.A.W. (the Confederation of Lady Arm Wrestlers) show, plus a few other one-off specials. 

For drag fans we also have a monthly show from Felix le Freak that is often funny, as well as political, thought-provoking and just plain joyful.

Have a look at the calendar on the What's On page to see all the great events coming up soon.